Aro B.O.R. XMD 333 29er

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BOR XMD333 29er rims are the lightest eyeletted rim around, but even better - the drillings are offset to build a wheel with less dish - so laterally stiffer and more stable.  And they do an anodised red rim!  And they're light at 362g so perfect for racing!

BOR say :-

The lightest double walled and eyeletted aluminium disc compatible rim in the world. It also has an asymmetrical profile which allows for better balance of spoke tension.

 The XMD 333 has unparalleled race performance credentials and has been on the winning of bike of the following extreme endurance races:

B.O.R. Rim XMD 333 black

4 times on The TransAlp, 5 times on The Cape Epic,  2 times on The Trans Germany,  Once the Under 23 World Champion.

Although largely unknown in the UK market until now, BOR Components are very highly regarded in mainland Europe amongst the racing community. The larger than usual weld at the join is a deliberate feature, adding strength at the weakest point. The extremely low failure rate of BOR rims confirms that it is worth having, despite what some people may say!

  • Weight is just 360 gr
  • Asymmetric profile for better balance of spoke tension
  • Eyeletted spoke holes
  • Available in 24, 28 and 32 hole configurations
  • Fully UST Tubeless ready (Rim tape, UST valve and Sealant supplied separately)
  • Maximum advised rider weight is 90Kg
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